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1.Applicants should obtain distinguished academic achievements highly recognized in relevant research areas, ranking top of peers.

2. Applicants should have potential of academic leadership with a broad academic vision and innovative thinking.

3. Applicants should be of dedicated and rigorous scholarship and abide by laws and faculty ethics.





To apply, please email your application form (attachment) and CV(WORD/PDF format) to srif@sust.edu.cn with email subject as “SUST WEIYANG FORUM -Research Area-Full Name of Applicant”.The CV (in English or Mandarin Chinese)should include background and work experience, research interests, academic achievements with a publication list. The application form collects applicant’s information including: Name, Gender, Date of birth, Email address, Research Area, Current Affiliation (Country or Region required), Position, and Contact Mobile Number, preferred and optional school in SUST for School Session.


Application Deadline:            20  August, 2019